On foot or by mountain bike, 6km, easy, dirt road

The route touches some of the strategic points of the Gothic Line, which ran along the Italian front during the latter stages of the World War II.
The starting point is the monument in memory of Imo and Luigi Biancalani (murdered in a Nazi retaliation), which can be reached by car at 6 km after Tobbiana and following the directions at the crossroads on the right. From here (820m above sea level) there is a dirt road that leads into a striking spruce forest. Past a spring on the left, you reach the grassy clearing of the Pian degli Acandoli (840m above sea level), where the rivers Agna and Bisenzio meet. Here, a stone commemorates the sacrifice of a group of partisans. Back on the main road, turn left onto a trail lined with ferns. The path is mostly flat and framed with a beautiful array of firs, beech trees, pine trees and acacias. You finally reach the Villa of Palure, known as the “Casa Rosa” (Trans: “The Pink House”), 725m above sea level. Continue down the avenue lined with trees (n° 18 of the CAI – Italian Alpine Club, follow the white and red marks) till you reach the paved road. Going up on your right, you will soon reach the point of departure.